Old sports injuries and the stress of long office hours had created increasing physical consequences that included limited range of motion in my left arm, a constant headache, a misaligned jaw, interference with my sight and hearing, and some difficulty with swallowing and breathing. Pain and inflammation affected my concentration, and prevented me from participating in most recovery exercise programs. Long-term treatment for structural correction had minimized the symptoms, but had not addressed the cause.

The work done by Joe Campbell produced measurable results that were noticed by numerous physicians. In particular, one remarked that I had made more progress with Joe in three months than I had in three years with my previous practitioner, who was considered top in her field. Joe’s thorough understanding of body mechanics and his expertise in multiple modalities stopped the deterioration, and restored full movement and perfect function in less than a year.

Had it not been for Joe’s astute assessment of the underlying cause, which all others had overlooked, and his ability to work through layers of problems to eliminate it, a 20-year old injury could have continued to dominate my physical health and I would have missed participating in life at the level I always intended.

Until writing this, I had not realized what a wreck I truly was. I hope this conveys the appreciation I have for Joe's broad knowledge, his intuitive talent, and the caring impact he has had on my life.

— Fran Ferguson

After being picked up by the Dallas Cowboys as a free agent this Spring, I needed to find someone to get sports specific massages in the Dallas area. After searching online for different massage therapists, I came across Joe Campbell and his website and found the person I was looking for. Being a professional athlete, I can tell when my body needs repair and I needed someone who has worked with athletes in the past as opposed to a spa massage that only works superficially.

Joe has a great understanding of the muscles of the body and how to correct problems I was having. He worked with me very well to give me the exact type of massage I needed, and when I asked him to work on different muscles than he was accustomed to, he was very open to communication to tailor to my needs. After every session I would feel 'exposed' to all the muscular tightness I did not realize I had until getting a massage. He knows how to find the source of the tightness and different ways to alleviate the problem. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a quality sports massage.

— Jay Ottovegio, Punter, Dallas Cowboys

Being a compulsive ultra runner, I regularly subject my body to running long distances at high altitudes. My body often gets pushed beyond the limits of what is reasonable. As if that weren’t enough, long hours of studying, and a lack of sleep take a toll as well. Having worked as a massage therapist for seven years, I’ve had an opportunity to get bodywork from many well-trained therapists. Most give me very temporary relief. The most enduring relief and true healing in massage have come from Joe’s massages.

His combination of sports massage, Myofascial technique, and other unique techniques derails the pain and injury processes. He has kept me running for several years. When your favorite activities involve extreme use and abuse of your body, you have to make time for rest and recovery. The most enduring relief and true healing I have found comes from Spirit and from the excellent massages that Joe provides.

— Lisa Butler, D.O. Ultra Runner

I've been receiving massages from Joe since 2001. When I'm training for a marathon, I see him every other week. He is not a fluff and buff massage guy, but rather a deep tissue sports massage professional, which is what you need when training for a marathon. He has literally kept me injury free. Over the years in training for and running 44 marathons, I have tried several massage therapists and Joe is the best – bar none. Joe has a big heart and has helped me with the teams I have coached for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of North Texas.

Several times while coaching runners for Team In Training, Joe comes out and donates complementary massages for our runners. He even drove to Oklahoma City and worked on TNT runners before and after the marathon — completely free of charge. If you want to stay healthy, whether training to run or walk a marathon or complete a triathlon, I highly recommend Joe. His fees are very reasonable and he gives so much of his time helping others.

— Joe Bacon, Dallas TNT Running Coach

I first met Joe in January 2004 while training for a half marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team In Training. I had knee problems that were prohibiting me from running. Joe worked with me tirelessly over the next several months equipping me to successfully finish the race. Long after the race Joe has continued to be part of my weekly activities. The benefits have been blessings of pain relief from stress, tension, and strenuous work. There is such a noticed change internally and externally. I believe Joe’s generous sprit and compassionate heart for other’s full well being is what drives his passion for offering the utmost quality massage for his clients.

— Meredith Tohlen, Runner, Kindergarten Teacher

I couldn’t run with out Joe. Regular massage is the only thing that keeps me from pain and injury. I see him once a week, and I can climb, ride my mountain bike and run without fear of overtraining.

— Antje Spethmann, Ultra-runner, Rock climber and Mountain Biking Chic

I feel that Joe is truly a miracle worker, and he is so professional and reasonably priced! I have suffered from excruciating back and neck problems for about 7 years, and I had tried everything: muscle relaxers, medication, chiropractors, and other massage therapists. A week prior to going to Joe, I had been going to the chiropractor weekly; each week, they would also give me a massage. After a year of this, I really wasn't any better off; at times, I just wanted to sleep as long as I could to avoid the pain. Being a mother of a 2-year-old and working full-time as a high school teacher made all of this pain that much more difficult to endure. I just wasn't living a quality life due to the pain in my neck and back, as it kept me from wanting to do many activities.

After my first session with Joe, I sincerely felt better than I had in 7 years. My range of motion and mobility was rewnewed completely, and I wasn't in pain. My husband, family, and friends immediately noticed how amazing I felt. My mother was so impressed with my results that she also went to Joe after she had experienced similar problems over the past 15 years. She, too, praises him, and we both drive from Lewisville, which is about 40 minutes away. The drive is worth feeling normal and active again. I have really appreciated that Joe has been able to help me without expecting me to come several times a week. As a matter of fact, I went to once a week for the first month, only because my situation was so extreme. After that, I started going once every 3 weeks to a month. Soon, I should be able to reduce my visits beyond that. Joe claims I am his biggest success story ever, and I am proud to support him and his life-changing practice. Sincerely, Nicky Fryman

— Nicky Fryman, High School Teacher